The International Conference on #Cyber Law #Cyber Crime & #Cyber Security 2016, was held on 17th -18th November, 2016 at New Delhi, India

Topics for The International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity 2016

The International Conference on Cyber Law, Cyber Crime & Cybersecurity was aimed to examine numerous important aspects pertaining to evolving jurisprudence concerning #CyberLaw, #CyberCrime and #Cybersecurity.  Some of the topics that were covered include the following: –

  1. Cyber Law 2016 & Beyond   
  2. Cybercrime – The New Frontier                   
  3. Cyber Security Today – How Far, How Much?        
  4. Mobiles, mobiles everywhere – Mounting Legal Challenges                      
  5. Is Cyber Resilience – the New Age Mantra?
  6. Internet of Things and its uneasy relationship with Cyber Security
  7. Internet Jurisdiction - A Catch 22 Situation 
  8. Digital best practices models for reducing cybercrimes                  
  9. Has Digital Privacy Evaporated Totally?     
  10. Big Data and Cyber Security – Legal Risks and Challenges           
  11. Intermediary Rights and Liability & Their Duties of Data Repositories    
  12. Digital India and India’s commitment to Digital Cyberspace
  13. Bitcoins, Cybercrime and Blockchains – A Deadly Cocktail          
  14. Cybercrime on Social Media – A Nuisance or Significant Challenge                     
  15. Electronic Evidence & Legalities     
  16. Law Enforcement Agencies Collaboration and International Cooperation             
  17. Child Safety and Crimes against Children on the Internet   
  18. Critical Information Infrastructure and its Protection
  19. Darknet, a Black Hole or a new Paradigm – Legal and Cyber Security Challenges           
  20. Cyber Diplomacy                  
  21. International Frameworks- Need for International Collaborations  
  22. Cyber Warfare and Cyber Peace – Two ends of the same Coin                   
  23. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights in Cyberspace        
  24. Indian Cyberlaw and Indian Initiatives on Cyberspace
  25. Globalization of Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Radicalization & Cyber Extremism      
  26. Rules of the Road and Norms of Cyberspace                       
  27. Cyber Security Trends on the horizon – what we need to be prepared for?
  28. Internet Governance - Progress So Far & Challenges Ahead                      
  29. Information Sharing, Cyber Security – Legal, Policy and other Challenges           
  30. Data protection in ubiquitous Internet – Legal and Policy Challenges       
  31. Cyber Citizenship                  
  32. Cyber Forensics and Connected Legal Issues           
  33. Cyber Insurance and Connected Policy Issues                     
  34. MLAT – how far relevant today and the way forward         
  35. Data Economy – Challenges for stakeholders
  36. Legal and policy issues in the emerging paradigm shifts on the Internet   
  37. Role of India in changing global cyber order                       
  38. Surveillance, Interception, Blocking & Sovereignty
  39. Capacity building and Judges and Cyber Security Professionals Training on Cyberspace Issues 
  40. Digital Defamation, Right To Be Forgotten & Connected Legalities         
  41. Cloud computing and cyber security – where to draw relevance
  42. Cyber Threats to Consumer : Imposter Fraud          
  43. Challenges for Banking and Financial Sector in a new Cyber Age             
  44. Over the Top Applications like WhatsApp and Others – How much safe and secure – legal and policy issues       
  45. Ransomware, Malware and Botnets – the new age cybercrime tools and connected issues and new cyber criminal tendencies               
  46. Cyber Ethics- Creating Norms and Awareness        
  47. Pokemon Go, Mobile Games and Legalities