Pavan Duggal is a columnist at Financial Chronicle and has written various columns on different aspects and issues pertaining to Cyberlaw including:

Are networking netizens safe?

Legal challenges in cyber world

2008: Year of cyber terrorism

Wake-up call for Indian BPOs

Regulate hidden cameras

Hidden camera and law

Who checked my email?

Cyberlaw without a sting

Caught in the

Login codes for bloggers’ park

E-legalities are here to stay

Internet has no alternative

Pavan Duggal has been a columnist with The Economic Times and has authored the column “ Brief Cases” for The Economic Times since 2000. Some of the Brief Cases columns currently available on the Internet include:-

Indian pop stars attract cyber squatters too

The strain of setting online music store

Data theft on BPOs

Selling clean Flicks could be a dirty business

Digital signature is not catching on

How valid are e-records of board meetings?

Due Diligence will help limit any liabilities

Over to the digital signature regime

Brief Cases

Pavan has been writing columns in various newspapers on a regular bases. One such, 8 year long, effort was the ‘Briefcases’- a weekly column in The Economic Times where Pavan answered queries of readers on a weekly basis on matter of Cyberlaw and E-commerce.