Associations and Organisations

Associations and Organisations

  • World Intellectual Property Organization (Member)

Pavan Duggal is currently a member of World Intellectual Property Organization’s, (WIPO), Arbitration and Mediation Centre Panel for Neutrals.

  • Council of Europe

Consulting expert

  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Legal Consultant)

2002 – 2003

Pavan Duggal was a consultant to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) during the Bandung Info Ethics Conference, 2002 which led to the formation of the UNESCO’s Regional Observatory of the Information Society in Asia Pacific.

  • United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

Legal consultant (2002 – 2003)

Pavan Duggal was the legal consultant to United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP) for the Asia Pacific Conference on Cybercrime and Information Security 2002.

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  • International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO

Cyberlaw expert

Pavan Duggal has been associated with International Trade Centre UNCTAD/WTO, Geneva as the Cyberlaw expert for conducting seminars on legal aspects relating to E-commerce in Mumbai and Bangalore.


Member-Legal Working Group

Pavan Duggal has been a member of the Legal Working Group of UN/CEFACT.


Member of ICT Policy and Governance Working Group

Pavan Duggal served as a member of ICT Policy and Governance Working Group of the UNICT Taskforce.

  • United Nations International Drug Control Programme


Pavan Duggal has been associated with United Nations International Drug Control Programme (UNDCP).

  • United Nations Development Programme


Pavan Duggal has been associated with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

  • Word Economic Forum

Pavan Duggal has been closely associated with the World Economic Forum and has made major contributions in areas related to Cyberspace.

  • Asian Domain Name Dispute resolution Centre


Pavan is a member of Asian Domain Name Dispute resolution Centre.


  • Electronic Privacy Information Centre


2002 – 2003

Pavan Duggal has been associated with EPIC (Electronic Privacy Information Centre) as an Indian expert for the preparation of its Privacy and Human Rights, 2003 Report.


Chairman-Cyberlaw Committee

2007 – 2012

Pavan Duggal was the Chairman of Cyberlaw Committee of the ASSOCHAM and led the corporate initiatives in terms of inputs to the Government prior to the finalization of the Information Technology Rules, 2011.

As the Chairman he has also spoken on various occasions such as:

  • Entertainment & Media-2007
  • Summit on Content Code and Regulation: 17th November, 2008
  • ASSOCHAM:-IPTV India Forum on Future Policies and Strategies for IPTV Services: 2008
  • “What Nuclear Deal Means to India” :November, 2008
  • “MIT International strategy-engaging with India”: January, 2009
  • Cyber Terrorism/Crime and Computer Forensics: 5-7 December, 2010
  • Drafting Commercial Agreements, 2012
  • 6th ASSOCHAM Global Telecom Summit: 23-24 July, 2010


Chairman- Expert Sub-committee on Legal, Regulatory & Taxation aspects

Pavan Duggal has on various occasions addressed large gatherings on issues related to Cyberlaw and social media.

He spoke at:

  • First Information Technology Committee Meeting for FY 2013-14
  • Internet/Social Media Networks: Opportunities & Challenges 2012
  • International Conference In Support of Information Society on Privacy & Security Policies that encourage e-Business 2006

Young Women Christian Association of India

Legal Counsel

  • Centre for Asia Pacific Technology Law and Policy

Associated Fellow



2003 – 2005

Pavan Duggal was a member of the ICANN Nominating Committee representing the Asia Pacific region, in 2003 and 2004.

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He was also a member of the Membership Advisory Committee of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN)

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He was also an integral part of the Membership Implementation Task Force (MITF) of ICANN.

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Public Interest Registry (PIR)

Vice Chair

2003 – 2008

Pavan Duggal was the Vice Chair of the Policy sub-committee at the Advisory Council of Public Interest Registry.


Member Legal Working Group

The Bureau of Police Research and Development (BPR&D)

Guest Faculty

Pavan has conceptualized and taught a comprehensive course on Cybercrime at The Bureau of Police Research and Development.

National Progressive School Conference

Resource Person

Starting February 2013

Pavan Duggal has been associated with National Progressive School Conference, an organization with about 138 leading private progressive schools as its members He has addressed their Annual Conference in February 2013 . While addressing distinguished audience of schools principals, Pavan Duggal spoke about various kinds of cyber bullying that have emerged in India and highlighted the factum of Indian Schools being in a state of denial as regards cyber bullying. Pavan also outlined the existing Cyberlaw position on cyber bullying in India.

Pavan Duggal was invited, for the second time, as Resource Person to speak on cyber bullying and Cyberlaw at the National Progressive School Conference Strategic Leadership Development for Principals of Senior Secondary Schools of Central Board of Secondary Education in October, 2013.

Center Against Cyber Bullying (CACB)


Starting October 2013

Center Against Cyber Bullying (CACB)is an initiative taken by Pavan Duggal to check Cyber Bullying in India.

CACB aims to provide legal guidance in order to tackle cyber bullying cases and assists the victims in matters pertaining to cyber bullying. The organization aims to interact with law enforcement agencies for the purposes of registration of cyber bullying cases and identification of the cyber bully.